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The Gauthier House was constructed on the most western portions of the Mouton Addition in the present day downtown area. Jean Mouton was one of the region’s original settlers and his lands encompassed most of modern day Lafayette. The Mouton Addition borders included this small portion west of Jefferson Street, east to Garfield Street, between Lee Avenue and Lamar Street. In 1881 and 1882 Jean’s son, Governor Alexander Mouton sold three lots of the
family Mouton Addition to Horace Butcher; these three lots later became the site of the Gauthier House. In 1888 Butcher sold the property to Augustus J. Callouet with improvements, which presumably included the original house. In 1917 George J. Gauthier, whose name the house is today associated, and his wife Celestine, purchased the property and house. Between 1920 and 1925 the Gauthier’s added a smaller bungalow house on the property at 1015 Lee Avenue, and a two
story garage structure. In February of 1940, portions of the lots closest to Jefferson Street were sold to the Continental Oil Company for the building of a gas filling station, today a restaurant. At this time the house was moved from its original location on the corner facing Jefferson Street, to its current location in lot 132 facing Lee Avenue. The properties remained within the Gauthier family for eighty-one years until 1998, when the Gauthier children and their heirs sold the homes and land.